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Is your content only available in one language?

Are you having a hard time reaching out to the francophone market?

Are you relying on your colleagues, your relatives or a machine to translate your valuable documents?

In today’s market, a sure way to increase your visibility, connect with your prospects and convert them into buyers or donors is by having quality bilingual content.

In business, words speak for you when you’re not there to do the talking and the selling. They are used to back up your efforts and they leave a lasting impression. Relying on a machine to translate your material is like that famous line in Forrest Gump “You never know what you’re gonna get!” Instead of giving you the results you want, machines provide you with a word-for-word translation and fail to pick up nuances, to connect you to your market and to deliver results.

We believe no one should settle for machines and lost opportunities!

We understand that your business has its own voice – its unique way of communicating. You want an expert who will help you reach out to the francophone community, increase your visibility and have a coherent and consistent bilingual message.

Book your FREE Consultation and discover the top 3 things that are stopping you from reaching out to a bigger market, achieving greater visibility and having a coherent and consistent voice, and the #1 thing you need to do to rock your bilingual content!


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JULIE MAKES MY LIFE EASY!!! I call her up, get a completion date, and send in my text to be proofed or translated. I am always confident knowing that my text arrives in on the specified date and it’s of a professional quality. Julie is skilled and competent, she helps me to make sure my French text for my clients is to the highest of standards. I can really never say enough good things when it comes to working with Julie.
Mélanie J. ChursinoffWriter, Editor, OwnerMercurialis Communications


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