Business is growing!

I’m super excited to share that Julie Bourbeau, Translation Services, is growing. I’ve been working with the same two proofreaders and translators for the last 13 years and, two weeks ago, I hired Edwige Bouyer from to help out with various admin tasks (such as adding to this blog section). Don’t be surprised if you receive emails from her on my behalf. Also, In the last month, I've worked on various translation projects for…

West Island Blog

Great news, ! On top of being translator-in-chief at Julie Bourbeau, Translation Services and creator of the Follow-up Essentials for Solopreneurs Course, I am now a blogger/reporter for the West Island Blog! Founded by master connector Rhonda Massad, the West Island Blog is a modern-format community paper written for – and by – the community. Make sure to like the Facebook page here.