I believe…

I believe words have power and energy.  They can inspire or hurt, they can express love or disgust. They can make you laugh or make you cry. Words have power.

I believe that words carry the wisdom of the world, the wisdom of the ancients and our history. Can you imagine not having had the opportunity to read either the Alchemist (written in Portuguese), the Four Agreements (written in Spanish) or even the Bible (written in Hebrew), all books translated to English, French and many other languages.

Words are used to convey a message.  To speak our truth. To express ourselves. They carry meaning and they give meaning to our feelings. Words deserve to be spelled right. Words deserve to be in an order that makes sense. Words deserve to flow, yet you struggle… how do I say this right? How do I speak to my target market?

When you publish something and it has mistakes in it, you lose people’s trust. When you rely on a machine to translate your beautiful words, people know. You’re awesome! People love you, but if they can’t trust, they will likely not buy from you.

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