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4 reasons you should invest in professional translation services

You want your business or your non-profit organization to reach out to the francophone market and convert your prospects into clients and donors?

Then you’ll want your English material to be available in French.

The same goes if you want to communicate with your francophone employees.

… and this goes for content such as your website, your brochures, your HR policies, your annual reports, your service contracts, etc.

Your brand should be felt in every communication!

While it may be cheaper to trust a free translation tool or a colleague, one embarrassing mistake could end up costing you your reputation.

Why should you spend money on professional translation services?

What can you get out of doing business with a translator?

What’s in it for you?

  • Expertise

A professional translator has experience dealing with words that have multiple meanings that a free tool can’t handle. For example, a word like “fair” will have different French terminology depending on whether it relates to an event or to justice (foire vs. equitable)

  • Consistency

A professional translator is experienced when it comes to consistency throughout your content and your brand. Communication consistency is a must for turning confusion into clarity. The most important thing a good translation can do is to convey the right message. This is especially important if you have a lot of content that you use in different ways. Don’t let inconsistencies undermine your message! 

  • Collaboration

Professional translators collaborate with other translators and proofreaders and can offer combined services. Personally, anything I translate is sent to proofreading. Just like two brains are better than one, four eyes are better than two.  

Also, let’s say that you need a document in Greek translated to French. While this might not be my language combination, I will make sure to connect you to another translator who can help.

  • Results

You only get one chance to make a first impression! Trusting a machine to translate your content is like that famous line in Forrest Gump, “You never know what you’re gonna get”. Instead of giving you the results you want, machines provide you with word-for-word translation and fail to pick up on nuances, connect you to your market and deliver results. That’s why a professional translator is your best bet.   

Ready to take action?

Seriously considering having your English-only content translated into French? Book your free consultation here and let’s see how I can turn this into reality. 

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