On-Demand Translation Services to Connect with Your Audience

Everything you need to connect with your francophone audience  

and convert them into clients or donors. 

A sure way to increase your visibility, 

connect with your prospects and convert them into clients or donors is by having quality bilingual content. 


But there’s a problem….

  • You don’t have a translator on your team.
  • You reach out to colleagues whose job description doesn’t include translation. This significantly slows or disrupts the productivity of your team, and ends up leaving the quality of the language … and the voice of your organization to chance.
  • The last translator you worked with became unavailable or ghosted you in the middle of a project.
  • You’re tired of shopping around for a translator at the last minute.

The FLEX PLATINUM Translation PackageTM has everything you need to connect with your francophone audiencewhile saving you all that headache. 

Before I tell you all about this on-demand access, let’s talk about who this is really for:

  • You work for an organization that has no shortage of content that needs translation. Think about ALL of the things that need to be translated on a regular basis! From webpages to social media posts, blogs to brochures, press releases, fund-raising communiques, reports, sales and marketing copy and more! 
  • You have a good idea of all the content that will need to be translated in the next 3 to 6 months, and you are looking for the best way to allocate the funds in your budget. 
  • You are looking to increase the visibility of your business or awareness for your cause. You want to educate people, find enthusiastic fans, clients or donors and you need help with staying top of mind, building your community and a francophone audience actively engaged with your message and your brand! 
  • You want to add a freelance translator to your team, knowing that when people other than language professionals translate your content, your brand, your message, and your results risk being inconsistent. 
  • You want to stay connected to the francophone market in a fast, easy and measurable way and are ready to invest in professional services that allow you to focus on the tasks that you and your colleagues are actually paid to do and that are within YOUR zone of genius!   

You’re in the right place … and I’m going to tell you exactly how the FLEX PLATINUM Translation PackageTM will give you the support you need to connect and stay connected to your francophone audience.

Your FLEX Platinum Translation PackageTM includes: 


  • Similar to a bank of hours or a retainer that you would buy from a virtual assistant or a lawyer, you get a bank of words into which we “dip” every time you have documents to have translated. 
  • This bank of words is ideal for ongoing projects such as sales or donation campaigns, blog articles and newsletters, press releases, reports, job offers, requests for funding, etc. 
  • Working with your budget and your goals in mind, together we’ll create the perfect, customized package that is right for your organization and your team! 
  • On-demand access to me and my expertise… No more shopping around for a translator at the last minute and no more stress, or time spent to find someone who can “wing it.” You can count on me as part of your team! Someone you can trust to get you what you need translated – professionally, and on time!  
  • This bank of words can be used by any members of your team (ex. HR, PR, Communications, Marketing, Executive, etc.) and increases your team’s productivity, saving everyone time and stress 
  • Packages start at $2,500 for a bank of 10,000 words  
  • Once your bank of words reaches close to zero, together we’ll assess your upcoming needs and customize your next package accordingly! *

*When you purchase a translation package,I reserve time in my schedule to complete the activities outlined in the this package. If, as a client, you do not deliver the established volume of work within the specified time frame, the remaining word count will expire and is non-refundable.


It’s time to connect with your francophone audience! 

1. Book a time to chat 

2. Before our call, gather all the documents that you need translated and make a quick list! This list can include, for example 1 blog article per week, 1 newsletter per week, HR policy xyz, 3 social media posts per week, etc.  

3. Get a customized translation package tailored to your needs and budget! 

“Julie’s Flex Platinum Translation PackageTM is ideal for us!

“As a national Indigenous-led charitable organization working to promote healing and Reconciliation in Canada, we have ongoing content that needs to be translated. Julie’s Flex Platinum Translation Package assures us that we connect with our francophone audience. This has increased our visibility as an organization and has helped us in our work to encourage people to address discrimination and injustices in order to contribute to the equality, dignity, and respectful treatment of Indigenous Peoples.”



Executive Director and In-House Legal Counsel at the Legacy of Hope Foundation  

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