On-Demand Translation Services to Connect with Your Audience

Everything you need to start connecting with your francophone audience

and convert them into clients.

A sure way to increase your visibility, connect with your prospects and convert them into clients is by

 having quality bilingual content.


But there’s a problem…


  • You don’t have a lot of material to get translated all at once
  • Most translators won’t take on your smaller projects
  • Most translators you’ve worked with are not available on short term notice

The FLEX Translation PackageTM has everything you need to connect with your francophone audience, while saving you all that headache.

Before I tell you all about this on-demand access, let’s talk about who this is really for:

  • You don’t have a huge budget, but you want to start somewhere
  • You want to have a freelance translator available, knowing that when people other than language professionals translate your content, your message risks being inconsistent
  • You want to stay connected to the francophone market in a fast, easy and measurable way

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how the FLEX Translation PackageTM will give you the support you need to connect and stay connected to your francophone audience, increase your visibility and have a coherent and consistent bilingual message.

Your FLEX Translation PackageTM includes:

  • Similar to a bank of hours or a retainer that you would buy from a virtual assistant or a lawyer, you get a bank of 2,000 words into which we “dip” every time you have small documents to have translated
  • This bank of words is ideal for those smaller ongoing projects such as blog articles, newsletters, press releases, webpages, brochures, etc.
  • On-demand access to me and my expertise… No more shopping around for a translator at the last minute
  • The opportunity to renew automatically once your bank of words reaches close to zero or to upgrade to the FLEX Premium Translation Package


For your big documents, such as reports, research projects, manuals, policies and procedures, websites, etc. the “à la carte” option is your best bet, and you should reach out to me for a quote.

It’s time to connect with your francophone audience!

1. Purchase the FLEX Translation PackageTM

2. Send your documents for translation

3. Get the translation within 3-4 days

Julie’s Flex Translation PackageTM is ideal for us!

It assures us that, even though we don’t always have a lot of material to be translated at once, she’s always available to translate our documents. We can always count on her flexibility and a prompt turnaround. We highly recommend it!


Director, Finance & Administration at Katimavik

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