Going on vacation with peace of mind 

Going on vacation… Phew!

How many people are already giddy just hearing the word vacation?

What do you mean, vacation??? I am a director, communications manager, marketing manager… of everything!

Countless things to plan, to do, not to forget. Not to mention the stress of returning… How many follow-ups will I have to do with my clients, my colleagues, my donors? How many emails will I have to answer?

What about the emergencies that need to be dealt with, the calls that need to be returned, all while trying to get back into the swing of things? Can you really go on vacation without being on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

The answer is simple: yes!

Here are some tips from EB Adjointe virtuelle that might help you go on vacation with a little less hassle.


The magic word: Preparation. 

Doing everything at the last minute is very bad for your stress level. Start thinking about your holiday several weeks in advance. Having time on your hands is a must. It will allow you to plan everything properly, to feel in control of the situation, and above all to be better able to deal with last-minute unforeseen events!


We like this kind of list! You are less likely to forget a task or an important detail. Write down all the things you would normally do, including the tasks you do on autopilot because they are so short and trivial.


Once you have your list of tasks on paper, look at each one and ask yourself which ones absolutely must be completed while you are away. Here are the questions you should ask yourself for each task:

  • Can some tasks be automated?
  • Can they be done in advance or postponed? (Hence the importance of starting the planning in advance so that you don’t have to complete all of your tasks in the 5 days before your departure)
  • Can any of the tasks be delegated to members of your team?
  • If you don’t have a team, can they be delegated to an external consultant (accountant, virtual assistant, communications agency, etc.)?



Notify your collaborators and clients. They will know that they cannot contact you and that there will be a delay in responding. Add your vacation dates to your email signature at least a month in advance. This will let your contacts know not to give you a huge mandate 2 days before you leave. Maybe they’ll even tell you that they’re going on vacation themselves!

Don’t forget to post it on your website and to schedule an automatic absence message in your inbox. That way, people who contact you will understand why you are taking so long to reply.


Even if it is sometimes (often!) very difficult to do: LET GO!!!

Yes, there may be small tasks that haven’t been completed, but in principle you should be ready to go!

I know you can’t always turn the switch off 100% and that’s ok.

Finally, not thinking about work all the time will be good for you and your organization. Your anxiety level will be at its lowest and you will be able to rest. When you come back, you’ll be energized and recharged: the quality of your work will be better. With a clear head, you will be able to take a step back and see certain aspects of your work in a new light. A great exercise in introspection!

Now enjoy!

P.S.: Make sure to send me your documents to be translated here before you go J

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