Why write a business blog?

By: Nathalie Dion, B2H Conseils

Do you know the real reasons why writing a business blog is recommended?

Do you know what these blogs are for?

Do you know how to make your blog content “live”?

Content creation is an issue in every business. All businesses want to deliver quality content to their clients and/or prospects in order to differentiate themselves and attract potential buyers. However, this content creation takes time, and the reality is that it brings little or no direct revenue.

So why spend your time on it?

What is the role of a business blog?

One reason is that search engines love “live”, dynamic websites that regularly add new content. One of the roles of your business blog is to please these engines in order to improve your natural referencing.

The second role of your blog will be to create quality content in order to position your company, your products/services, your expertise, and your team against the competition.

The third role is to pique curiosity about your blogs on different platforms such as newsletters and social media and thus attract your readers to your website.

Who is a business blog for?

  • For all your target customers or target employees
  • So that it will be found in keyword searches


Who do you send your business blog to?

In effect, you don’t send out your business blog. You put it on your website and add some of it to your newsletter in order to generate interest in reading more and thus attract the reader to your website.

So, if you write your blog, put it on your website and stop at this point, it will be a lot of energy spent for little return! Including your blog in your newsletter and sharing it on your social networks is important.

Blog essentials

  • The right tone 
  • The troubling points of your target customer
  • The solution to those troubles
  • Range of the text
  • Include examples · Visually appealing; well spaced out
  • Clear and comprehensive introduction
  • Address your target audience’s troubling points
  • A clear plan
  • Aim for quality: varied content
  • Final call to action for the reader
  • Use of keywords
  • Use the inverted pyramid
  • Integrate hyperlinks


How to choose your topics

Your blog should contain quality content, information about your business, your services, skills, distinguishing factors, interests, expertise, etc.

  • What services or products are being offered?
  • What are the troubling points of your target customer?
  • What problems do your products or services solve?
  • What tips do you have?
  • What questions do your customers frequently ask?


Some tips for finding a topic:

  • What are your keywords?
  • Take a look at your FAQs. What questions do your clients frequently ask?
  • The 5Ws technique for:
      •  Who? 
      • What?
      • Where?
      • When?
      • Why?
      • How?
  • This will also allow you to contribute to and structure your content!


Now it’s up to you!

Decide how often you want to write your blog: monthly, quarterly, semiannually? I always suggest consistency over quantity and, of course, quality over quantity!

About B2H Conseils

Founded by Nathalie Dion, B2H Conseils assists businesses in putting their vision and objectives into action in a coherent manner. By reviewing processes, improving operations, and through structured management, B2H Conseils helps entrepreneurs achieve their business objectives.

B2H Conseils also offers training, in French, on business development through newsletters and blogs and simplified social networks management.

To learn more, visit https://b2hconseils.com

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